Sahayog Multistate Credit Co-op Society Ltd.

Support for women’s equal opportunities and their empowerment Sahayog Multi-State Credit Co-op. Society Ltd. has established the popular scheme of Sahyog Mahila Bachat Gat.

By following the basic principles like HARD-WORK, SELF-RELIANCE and SELF-RESPECT, the organisation is constantly striving to inspire women for their economic and social development and to guide and support them at every step. By making women financially strong, there will be economic progress in the family, which will result in the economic and social development of the country. Considering this sacred goal, It will prove to be a growth factor in the system. Women’s savings groups will always be functional. Today, in Sahayog Mahila Bachat Gat Yojana, more than 1,50,000 women are taking benefits and flying high in their lives for success. For the overall development of progressive women, the institution will always stand behind them as a strong base.





Sahayog Multi State Credit Co-op. Society Ltd. Sahayog Kisan Bachat Gat was established because of the outstanding response and enthusiasm of women operated by Sahayog Mahila Bachat Gat. India is an agricultural country. India’s economy primarily depends on agriculture, food grains and commodities produced by the farmers. India is a country of villages, and farmers are the pride of rural India, but, unfortunately, farmers’ issues are neglected today. Lack of opportunities, guidance, ignorance of advanced agricultural knowledge, change in international lifestyle, farming is challenging work, yet its replacement is not available. Today our farmer is fighting with many such dire situations. Today, it is the duty of every Indian, every institution, to keep our goodwill towards the farmer and give priority to the development of the farmer. Sahayog Multi State Credit Co-op for the awareness of this duty. Soc. Ltd. Cooperation of Kisan Bachat Gut This is a small initiative. The organisation’s ultimate aim is to take care of the farmer’s needs and plan easy schemes for them.

Schemes & Facilities Covered under Sahayog Mahila Bachat Gat (SMBG) &
Sahayog Kisan Bachat Gat (SKBG)

The main objective of this organisation is to motivate women and farmers by explaining the importance and usefulness of saving. The organisation accounts for every woman and farmer, Sahayog Multi State Credit Co-op. Society Ltd. opens for free. This account remains a Recurring Account (R.D.), and after a while, the total amount and interest ranging from 120/- to 5000/- are immediately provided as a Recurring Account. The maximum period for this account is of 66 months.
The principal and interest will be given after the tenure of the account is completed. The account cannot be closed prematurely, but a loan facility is available.
If the number of saving group women or farmers in a village increases to 500, the organisation starts undertaking their employment. The cooperation which is run by the people of Mahila Bachat Gat or Kisan Bachat Gat. Multi State Credit Co-op. Society Ltd. gives full support and guidance to women and farmers, from starting this venture to bringing the goods they manufacture to the market.
Employment will be given to that village with the organisation's cooperation, the village residents & village panchayat if the number of female and male members of Sahayog Mahila Savings Group and Sahayog Kisan Bachat Gat is 80% of the total number of the village. Adopted village plan, following the path of disciplined and planned restrained work, the institution makes efforts for the economic development of that village. The organisation works on various types of loan schemes, projects, undertakings, vocational guidance, and training centres in a planned manner to envision an ideal village with the contribution and unity of the villagers. If the towns are capable, the country will prosper. If organised, then the country will be decisive. Taking the inspiration from the words of Sant Gadge Baba's Gram Gita, the organisation aims to bring the Ganges of village development and always struggle.
Sahayog Multi State Credit Co-op. Society Ltd. provides free accidental policies ranging from 25000/- to 50000/- from the insurance company to all the women account holders of Mahila Bachat Gat and farmers of Kisan Bachat Gat. (a) Policy Term: 5 years (b) Age Limit: 5 to 70 years (c) Benefits of the policy
Vocational courses like Shivankala, beauty parlour, and computer training are provided free of cost or at affordable prices for the development of women and farmers from time to time. So that they can take training and inspiration for their contribution to the growth of their livelihood and family income. Similarly, from time to time, medical check-up camps, medical guidance for women, farmers and their families, and women and children's work are done.
If a woman or farmer wants to start an industry of her own, then after one year, double the amount of her deposit is given as a loan. She can pay this amount from the income generated by her.
If a group of women or farmers wants to set up their enterprise, then after six months, a loan of up to double the amount is given to such a group. It is necessary to take minimum official proceedings for the loan.

Swayam-sevika's are the backbone of Mahila Bachat Gat, who work hard to expand the family of Bachat Gat, inspiring & motivating fellow women around them to make their lives better!